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“Undextrous” Sudoku

Most of us only use our least-used hand when we are kids or if we damage our favored hand. This feature of our species, called handedness is studied at a research institute called Handedness Research Institute. The intitute’s purpose is to reduce social and educational discrimination because of the existence of left-handers.

At Indiana University, the connection between Handedness and Brain Lateralization is decribed. It turns out that Language skills are in the opposite hemisphere from the dominant hand, but not always. It seems that some left-handers can and do screw it up and have language specialization on the left side also.

As a left-hander myself, I was able to overcome the design decisions, such as of: right handed chair-desks, scizzors, Guitar string order and other presumptive creations. Chair-desks not nailed in place I rotated 45 degrees; scizzors, I flipped over and Guitar strings I restrung in the opposite order.

I delighted in getting ink, pencil lead on the outside of my left hand and ignored the smudging as I traversed the lines of the page. I tried to say the most important things on the right side of the page. Basically, I ignored the difficulties. With the advent of keyboards and typing, this inequity has been significantly reduced.

It’s a handicap in solving Sudoku this way, because you are constrained to write legibly in your unpracticed hand, slowing you down and adding to the stress of solving the puzzle. Other people might, on the other hand (no pun intended), enjoy a calming effect that concentrated focus brings.

I use my ability to solve sudoku puzzles in a timely fashion as an indicator of how mentally adept and insightful I am. When I am ill, my mental acuity drops like a rock and solving a sudoku puzzle can take days. What other method can detect that you are getting better without taking your temperature?