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Wormy Sudoku

Wormy Sudoku

After the rain or flooding, there will be worms that surface to find a new nesting place.

Where I live, rain has been a constant companion since last October. Other parts of the world (Myanmar, China, near the Mississippi River) have significantly more extreme weather and climate. My hat is off to them abiding under such conditions. I am sad for those who have lost loved ones, pets, possessions and stability they worked so hard for to flooding.

Laura Taalman’s Brainfreeze Puzzle Math Variants contains a variation called Worm Sudoku (in green type on that page). I have varied it further to not offer sequence direction nor offer two cell sequences nor different color (nor turning) worms.

Other sites with a worm variation include a German site ( containing a huge number of variant Sudoku puzzles: Sudoku X Worms and which heralds the upcoming Mathfest (August) 2008

No doubt, the above puzzle is fairly easy to solve compared to those on My wife has insisted that I offer more easily solved puzzle examples, since the variations are confounding enough. So here it is.

If this puzzle makes you squeamish, consider the real thing: Sudoku Worm!