Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(Updated December 2, 2007.)

1. Why use white board technology?
  • You can concentrate on finding the solution, using a tool that is easy and familiar.
  • You don't have to fight the awkward interface of electronic Sudoku games.
  • You don't have to deal with the mess of pencils and erasers.
  • You don't have to worry about losing tiles or magnetic pieces.
  • You don't have to give up on the puzzle like you do if you make a mistake with pen on paper.
  • You can use color coding to help find the solution.
  • You can write notes.
2. Where can I get more Sudoku puzzles?
You will find Sudoku books in bookstores, and most newsstands have magazines and newspapers with Sudoku. You can also print Sudoku puzzles or solve them online at many Web sites. Here are a couple of links: [Web Sudoku] [Print Sudoku] top
3. How long can the supplied marker pens be left uncapped before they dry up?
In testing, our pens were uncapped for more than 6 hours without drying up! (The place where you leave the pen exposed might also affect its "dry up" rate.) top
4. How do I avoid smearing what I write?
Use a paperback book (or equivalent) as a wrist rest and hold the marker about half way down the barrel to minimize smearing. top
5. Will the cover on the clipboard smear or erase a Sudoku puzzle?
No, that's the big advantage of the clipboard. You can work on a Sudoku puzzle, then close the cover of the clipboard and carry it in your briefcase or backpack until you have time to work on the puzzle again. top
6. How do I clean the surface of the grid of Erasable Marker Ink?
The surface is very durable. You can use white board erasers, wipes, or a damp sponge. If there is dry-erase marker ghosting (incomplete erasure), you can also use a dry napkin or tissue to restore the board or label to its fully cleaned condition. (No need to spit.) top
7. How do I clean the surface of the grid of Permanent Marker Ink?
The surface is very durable. We tested Cutex Quick & Gentle Fingernail Polish Remover (containing Acetone) to successfully (gently!) remove permanent marker ink. Other possible remedies (that we didn't test yet) include: Aqua Net Hair Spray, Isopropyl Alcohol, and WD-40! But do not misuse these products. If they remove permanent Marker ink, they can degrade your skin/body. top
8. What happens if I leave the Sudoku puzzle partially solved overnight? (Will I be able to clean the board afterwards?)
Yes, but you may have to erase a little harder. We don't recommend leaving the marker ink on longer than 24 hours, but we have been successful cleaning a board after the marker was left on for 48 hours. (You may even successfully exceed our record.) top
9. Do I have to use your special markers?
You can use any dry-erase markers. top
10. How do I open the clip on the clipboard?
Push the left side of the clip down into the board and slightly toward the lower edge of the clipboard. top
11. Is Power Sudoku2 compatible with other white board wipes, markers, or erasers?
Yes. top
12. Can I get a smaller size Power Sudoku2 board?
A 5" x 7" board will be available soon. top
13. Can I get a different color clipboard?
Other colors may be added to the product line in the future if there is enough demand. top
14. Do you offer discounts for large orders?
We offer a 10% discount for orders of 10 or more of a single item. top