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Handy Sudoku Lapboards

Since Barb and I (Robert) started producing page-sized Sudoku Boards back in 2006, we have been pleased to find many Sudoku puzzle enthusiasts in the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world.

We both love to solve Sudoku puzzles with our white boards and clipboards. Transcribing the starting numbers to a larger Sudoku grid helps us to see patterns and eliminate logically impossible little numbers in cells faster.

We share the harder rated puzzles by having one of us try to solve it, then pass it to the other for help and/or completion. Sometimes we do a puzzle as a team, but I usually operate the pen (my handwriting is neater) and she tells me where and what to write. We’re able to solve 5 and 6 star puzzles, although not easily and not necessarily in one sitting.


We have revamped our website to be more responsive and effective for shopping. There is an easier to use online store. Shipping options have a much greater variety. We would appreciate it if you would check it out.

Starting this month, we are highlighting our latest product: The Sudoku Lapboard. This board is non-magnetic, but has a special clip to hold a pen close by. (Both the clip and a black dry erase marker pen will accompany the Lapboard.)

Technical Specifications

The Lapboard weighs 6 ounces (~170 grams), has a thickness of 1/8” inch (3.175 millimeters) and has a surface area of slightly less than 9”x12” (228.6mm x 304.8mm). The Lapboard is double-sided with the Sudoku Grid affixed to one side.

The Clip slides onto the Lapboard from any edge and can hold a marker pen that is between 3/8” (9.525mm) and 1/2” (12.7mm) in diameter.

The Lapboard, made of Masonite, is extremely sturdy and durable. Boards like these have been used in school settings by multiple students and for multiple years.

I will be posting more often than once every 12 years, as I find things more interesting to write about. Stay healthy during this time.  
~~ Robert