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Musical Sudoku

Musical Sudoku

My wife pointed out that in no way are solving the puzzle and making a tune in a cause and effect relationship. In the interest of clarity, what I really mean is for you to solve the puzzle and then sing, whistle, hum, play, and/or listen to any tune of your choice, composed by you or anyone else. This way, all can take part.

As I look at these musical symbols, I am aware that these look perfectly natural to me, since I learned to read piano music at the age of 5. I’m sure there are those for whom these symbols are mostly strange.

Music notation and symbols have long term strategic importance for preserving musical compositions for future generations. It is a true encoding. Various media containing musical sounds: Cylinders of the early 20th century, 78 RPM phonograph records of the 1920s-1950s, 45 RPM records (1950s), 33.3 RPM long playing records (1950-1980s), Audio Tape (1960-1980s), and CDs (1980-now), MP3s (2000-now) may appear to be lasting, but just remember that all of them require a device to play the media. If the device is not available, the physical media become merely fashion statements and the electronic media become indecipherable. Musical notation on sheet music persists!

Enjoy your summer, now that it is finally here! Muse on the puzzle.

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Sudoku Songs

I vacationed in Canada (Vancouver B.C.) this weekend. In lieu of the series of Sudoku variant cartoons and commentary this week, I decided to search the archives for Sudoku Songs of various kinds. Here are the results with some commentary.

Let’s Sudoku!: Sudoku Song. This is performed as Alternative Music. I was amused that the puzzle is filled in each row from left to right. Very satiric.

Sudoku Song. This is rendered as a Folk Song. Click on the lower right hand corner x to undisplay the ads.

Sudoku Rap. This is edited to eliminate the most common Rap vocabulary, but not seamlessly.

I’m starting to dream in Sudoku by Mitch Benn. This is easy listening music and cute! The puzzle appears to be solved realistically.

Time Lapse Video. A 17 second Jazz version of a “now you see it, now you don’t” (mostly you don’t very well) Sudoku puzzle being solved. The video is a cliff-hanger.

Suicide by Sudoku. Perhaps the Beer had a role to play. After all, it was only of medium difficulty. This is uses guitar solo music.

Sudoku on Rubik’s Cube while you watch. Children annoying the young solver in his room. Non-descript music.

Newspaper Sudoku. A self-solving do-it-yourself kit version stimulated by Zorba the Greek Music.

Two Wonderful Sudoku Board Abstract Patterns are shown:
Green Medium #1 and Gray Easy #2. (Electronic Music).

Finally, to indicate that the human filter is still severely needed in search engine technology, here is In Contra Sudoku Live. A hard rock rendition having nothing to do with the puzzle except the name. The last intelligible word is the introduction to the piece. The performance is intrumental electric guitars and Drums with intermittent screeching.