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Scrabulous On Sudoku

Scrabulous On Sudoku

Based on the March 2, 2008 New York Times Article about the dilemmas posed by Scrabulous™, an online game invented by Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, from Kolkata, India, this cartoon was born.

The online game appears to be an intimate embrace of Scrabble™, currently physically sold and distributed by Hasbro, Inc. and Mattel Inc., who together divide up the World Rights to sell the game.

As is becoming clearer in the 21st century, having an online version stimulates sales of physical (original) versions. By squelching the online versions, these companies risk severe sales reductions due to bad publicity and a collective vow to boycott those company products. By not squelching the online versions, the companies must adapt (like the music and movie industries are [not] doing) or go out of business anyway. Choose wisely.

I thought it would be amusing to mashup Sudoku with Scrabulous. You can play it with either game goal in mind, but pursuing both will no doubt mentally bifurcate you, which is a serious condition, sometimes leading to split personalities.